Best Physiotherapy in Damak, Jhapa
Physiotherapy in Damak

What is Physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy is a medical service calling that helps individuals to re-establish, keep up with, and boost their solidarity, capacity, development, and general prosperity. The expressions “physiotherapy” and “physical therapy” mean exactly the same thing and are utilized conversely.

Physiotherapists have inside and out information on how the body functions and concentrated active clinical abilities to survey, analyze, and treat side effects of ailment, injury and incapacity. Physiotherapy incorporates restoration, as well as avoidance of injury, and advancement of wellbeing and wellness. Physiotherapists frequently work in groups with other wellbeing experts to assist with meeting a singular’s medical care needs. Physiotherapists help individuals impacted by injury, ailment, or incapacity through development and exercise, manual treatment, instruction, and counsel.

They keep up with the well-being of individuals of any age, assisting patients with overseeing torment and forestalling sickness. The calling assists with empowering improvement and working with recuperation, empowering individuals to remain in work while assisting them with staying free as far as might be feasible.

How is Physiotherapy Done?

A physiotherapist might utilize an assortment, not entirely settled by the idea of the injury supported and the specific issue that is being dealt with. The commonest of them are:

Manual manipulation: This is a form of physiotherapy where a physiotherapist moves delicate tissues, thick skin or fat, and joints, flushes the abundance of liquids from the body and loosens up excessively close muscles and fits.

Electric stimulation: Delivering electric flows in controlled force to the impacted part assists with containing the aggravation signals, subsequently keeping them from arriving at the cerebrum is done in Electric stimulation.

Needle therapy or Acupuncture: This is an incredible approach to animating the CNS while dulling the aggravation and loosening up close muscles by precisely inserting needles into one’s body.

Functional testing: This includes looking at the patient with respect to their actual developments to more readily evaluate his/her condition and teaching the patient proper exercise or movements which will help them cope with their pain.

Benefits of Physical Therapy!

Contingent upon the reasoning behind the treatment, the advantages of physiotherapy might include:

● Torment the executives with the diminished need for narcotics
● Staying away from a medical procedure
● Further developed versatility and strength
● Recuperation from injury or injury
● Recuperation from stroke or loss of motion
● Fall counteraction or prevention
● Further developed balance
● Management of clinical issues related to old age

Why Do We Provide the Best Physiotherapy in Damak, Jhapa?

Kulung Ayurved physiotherapy administration offers excellent physiotherapy services to individuals of Kathmandu valley, to make it even simpler our framework allows people of all age groups to get into it and we are always more than happy to provide you with the data and information required for your sessions. Also, We are one of the very few organizations offering the best, solid, and exceptional electric stimulation and needle therapy presently working with more than 150 patients.

In this manner, Our quality physiotherapy administration depends on a structure of strengthening, prosperity, and solid aging. Our trusted and thoroughly prepared, experienced, and enthusiastic physiotherapists give immense priority to your needs and requirements and only start the session after getting to know about your expectations or goals. In other words, Our reasonable costs imply clients get fulfillment and an incentive for cash and we can tailor our broad scope of administrations into a bundle that is as individual as you seem to be.

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
1. Helps in recovering from injuries 1. Sessions may be time-consuming
2. Improves mobility and flexibility 2. Costs may add up, especially without insurance
3. Tailored exercises for individual needs 3. Not everyone may respond equally to treatment
4. Manages chronic pain and conditions 4. Requires commitment to see long-term benefits
5. Enhances overall physical well-being 5. Limited availability or accessibility in some areas


There is no secure assurance of results in physiotherapy as it merely depends on how one’s body accommodates it, but physiotherapy is very vital for comprehensive recuperation of the patient in post-injury or inability of any sort. Whenever adhered to the whole treatment course and finished with ingenuity, physiotherapy for the most part helps the patient in multiple manners. To lay it out plainly, the impacts of physiotherapy are super durable, given the patient is clear about his/her own objectives and assumptions and tells the physiotherapist about equivalent to well.

This is the method used by Kulung Ayurved for Treatment



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Harmony in Healing,

Kulung Ayurved – Where Tradition Meets Wellness!

You are in the right place, where healing finds its harmonious home. Rooted in tradition, our clinic is a sanctuary where wellness unfolds naturally. With a blend of ancient wisdom and modern care, Kulung Ayurveda is your dedicated partner on the journey to well-being. Step into a space where tradition meets wellness, and let the symphony of health begin.

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