Hair Loss

Hair Loss Reason Treatment

Hair Loss Reason Treatment

Hair, hair loss- reason-treatment, especially hair loss of women in India and hair loss treatment at home is a burning subject among the dermatologists, beauticians and the people. At Kulung Ayurveda we first try to find out the reason of hair loss and then the remedies.Home remedies for hair loss in India is a common practice. But it is not sufficient.

We provide a protocol driven treatment that gives a result of international standard.

Most of the time people enquire in our hospital- How to prevent hair loss? What is the hair loss treatment or hair loss home remedies? How to prevent hair loss, cure hair loss, how to control hair loss, how to stop hair loss, how to reduce hair loss, how to stop hair loss? Some intelligent persons ask the causes of hair loss.

Causes of Hair loss:

Heredity, age, climate, pollution, sun ray, dry air, oily and spicy food, less water intake, drug reaction, low quality oil and shampoo, allergic food, lack of topical nutrition to hair, frequent use of one head apparel without washing- say a cap etc are considered to be the most common but prominent causes of hair loss.

Hair loss treatment:

At Kulung Ayurveda we provide specialized Ayurveda pancha karma treatment for hair loss from deferent clinical reasons like alopecia, drug reaction etc. Along with treatment the patient has to take internal medicines.

Also we provide only internal medicine, topical oil, and shampoo by hand or by courier service for remote patients.

Hair loss solutions from home remedies:

  • Apply Til oil on scalp
  • Application of a mixture of Almond oil, Til oil and Castor oil in equal ratio on scalp is good.
  • Apply Methi powder.
  • Application of raw egg keeps scalp silky.
  • Application of curd mixed with Amla water is very good hair nutrition. Also this is good for dandruff treatment.